But why?

There are many reasons for having a blog, including feeding Google to improve your rankings, giving more information about your business, and providing resources for your clients.

  •  SEO is important and something of an art, although there are lots of things you can do yourself. One of the most important things to consider when working on SEO is your list of keywords. Google will be onto you if you try to sneak them into your website just to improve your ranking, but if you use them in a natural way, you’ll be fine. There are several places you should put those keywords, and a blog is a good one. It also gives you a great opportunity to use synonyms of your most important keywords.
  • Writing a blog keeps your website fresh and gives your clients and potential clients a reason to come back to your site. Search engines also like sites that aren’t static.
  • By blogging, you can provide your clients with more information about your goods and services, and you can educate those clients about your industry in general.
  • If you include interesting and useful content in your blog, your clients will feel they’re receiving extra value from you.
  • It can enhance your image and bring you to the attention of more people.
  • Clients like to know who you are. You can let them into your life a little with a blog. You can make it personal, but only as far as you feel comfortable.

There’s no need to write long posts, but it is important to keep them relevant. It’s also important to write them well. If words really aren’t your thing, consider getting some professional help from a copy writer, copy editor or a proofreader. It needn’t be that expensive. The more preparation you can do, the cheaper it will be.

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Photo Credit: Kenny Sarny