Leaders, we need you!

If there’s one thing South Australia needs at the moment, it’s more employment. Too often we hear about jobs being lost from so many industries, and with the looming losses associated with the closure of Holden, we need more and better leaders to look for opportunities for growth and diversification.

I recently did some work for a great South Australian organisation called the Industry Leaders Fund, which is well placed to help local organisations in these challenging and changing times.

It offers grants of up to $50000 for eligible people to participate in programs to advance their skills as leaders. By improving and expanding the organisations in which these leaders work, the goal is to stimulate growth in the South Australian economy. We’ll all benefit from that!

Past grant recipients are from diverse industries, and have attended many different training programs in Australia and overseas. They work in industries such as wine, engineering, food processing and production, industrial automation, biotechnology, defence, packaging and civil aviation. They have attended courses at Mt Eliza, Harvard and Stanford, have completed the Company Directors Course, been trained in Lean 6-Sigma, and have joined industry tours studying world’s best practice.

Those who have been fortunate to receive grants also benefit from ongoing involvement with the ILF.

This is the time to apply

If this sounds like something you, or a colleague, could benefit from, have a look at the eligibility criteria, and if appropriate, consider applying. The ILF CEO, Geoff Vogt, welcomes calls from anyone thinking about applying. You can ring him on 8394 0017 to discuss your eligibility and for guidance on preparing a competitive application. If you’re selected, you’ll benefit personally, and your organisation, associated businesses, and the state as a whole also stand to gain from this experience. Applications are open now, and close May 31, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity.

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