We offer two levels of editing, and can work on any type of document. For example, we offer editing and proofreading for essays, theses, websites, training materials, annual reports, CVs, grant applications, journal articles or blogs. Unless you have other requirements, we will use the Macquarie Dictionary and the Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers. All university papers will be edited in accordance with university policies.

Copy editing:

  • correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • improving clarity
  • checking for consistency (terminology, spelling, capitalisation, formats)
  • spot-checking cross-references
  • checking that bibliographic references are complete and have a consistent style.


  • checking against a previously edited version to ensure all changes have been made
  • correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • checking conformity with either the Style Manual or the supplied in-house style guide
  • highlighting any problems with formatting.