Summer is a perfect time to give your website a spring clean!

January is quiet in many businesses, although it can be quite hectic in others, particularly those in retail.

If your business is one of the quiet types, then this is a great time of year to review and refresh your website for the coming year. It can be hard to find the time to do this when clients are keeping you busy.

Boosting your search engine ranking with some fresh or updated content is always a good thing!

There are lots of opportunities for tidying up your website, for example:

  • checking that any links to other sites are up to date
  • checking that navigation around your own site is all working as it should be
  • ensuring that all the content is consistent and up-to-date
  • planning and writing blog posts to be uploaded throughout the year
  • uploading photos of new products and removing photos of obsolete ones
  • making sure contact details and staff profiles are current.

It’s very easy to have conflicting or confusing content when a lot of small changes are made throughout the year. Even worse, this could be costly if offers such as discounts aren’t kept up-to-date.

Your website is often the first contact a potential client will have with your business, so make sure it’s representing the business accurately, and giving a good impression.

As with any other writing, it can be hard to spot the errors, inconsistencies, gaps or missed opportunities in your own website content. Since the target audience of your website is probably outside the organisation, getting an independent opinion from someone who doesn’t know all the ins and outs of your business, who might not be familiar with jargon used in-house, and who doesn’t already know any idiosyncrasies of the site can be very helpful in making it easier to use. An easier to use site means happier clients who are more likely to linger, which can translate into orders.

If you need some help with refreshing your website, Nickels English Solutions is here for you.

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